Our Story

Azulmalin Jewellery is inspired by great modernist sculptors of the 20th century channeling raw and organic abstractions. Azulmalin generates around the idea of creating timeless jewellery that will last from generation to generation. Pieces that will keep their shapes and only get beautifully tarnished. A personality that will develop over time. These heavy silver sculptures are made through a combination of traditional handcrafting and modern technology. Silver should be felt of the one who is wearing it. Azulmalin believes it’s the imperfections, the roughness around the edges that generate beauty.

For Azulmalin it’s very important to have a climate-conscious mindset and to be aware of how we can minimize our impact on the environment. To read more, go to our Sustainability page.




Malin Henningsson is a photographer and designer, born and raised in Sweden. With a passion for the visual arts and experience of working across multiple creative disciplines, she’s now channelling her interests and experience into Azulmalin. Azulmalin, for Malin, is an opportunity to explore different media and work with different shapes and motifs, without limitations to her creativity. The jewellery is clean and minimalistic but also bold and expressive. This approach draws on a rich fabric of inspiration from the world of art and sculpture, and from Malin’s own experience of working and living abroad. The jewellery is fluid, enchanting and open to interpretation. Each piece is designed to not just complement the character of the owner, but to enhance it. Malin has a degree in Visual Communication, a major in Photographic Communication.