When ordering a ring please be aware that several systems are in use around the world for denoting ring sizes. All of Azulmalin’s rings are made in US sizes. Each piece is made to order, so please refer to our size chart below to make sure the ring fits you before ordering. All jewellery pieces are handmade and can slightly vary; you’ll find the mm in diameter in the size chart. We recommend taking a look at the millimeter in diameter to see what size it corresponds to in different countries.

If you don’t know your ring size, we recommend you to go to a jeweller as this is the only accurate way to find out your correct sizing. Please note: each finger will have a slight variation in size.

DIY methods you find online are inaccurate, we don’t recommend you rely on them to find your size.

Azulmalin is a climate-conscious brand and wants to keep the CO2 emission as low as possible when shipping. Therefore we would be pleased if you correctly choose your ring size before ordering, to prevent unnecessary distribution of jewellery.


USA size UK size Diameter (mm)
5 L 16.0-16.3
6 M 16.4-16.6
7 N 16.9-17.1
8 Q 18.1-18.3
9 S 18.9-19.1
10 U 19.7-19.9
11 W 20.5-20.7